Price list for our Pangbourne Beauty Salon

Elemis Taster Facial30 Min£30.00
Skin Specific Facial60 Min£48.00
Pro-Collagen Quartz Lift Facial75 Min£60.00
Visible Brilliance Facial75 Min£60.00
Pro-Intense Lift Effect Facial60 Min£60.00
Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial60 Min£60.00
(patch test required 1hr prior to first treatment)
Modern Skin Facial60 Min£50.00
SOS Purifying Facial75 Min£60.00
Elemis Face & Back Treatment60 Min£40.00
Absolute Spa Ritual-Anti-Ageing Facial & Full Body Massage120 Min£115.00
CACI Non Surgical face-lift60 min£60.00
CACI B-Spoke Lift75 min£70.00
CACI Ultimate Anti-ageing Facial90 Min£80.00
CACI Crystal Free Microdermabrasion45 Min£45.00
CACI Wrinkle Revolution/Party Pout30 Min£30.00
CACI Jowl Lift30 Min£30.00
(patch test required 48hr to 1st treatment)
Eyelash Tint20 Min£15.00
Eyebrow Tint15 Min£10.00
Eyelash & Eyebrow Tint30 Min£25.00
Express Eyelash Extensions45 Min£35.50
Express Eyelash Maintenance15 Min£15.00
Individual Eyelash Extensions120 Min£70.00
Individual Eyelash Maintenance60 Min£35.00
PERFECT BROWS (patch test required 48hr prior to 1st treatment)TIMEPRICE       
Perfect Brows-Consultation, Eyebrow shape, Tinted, Waxed, Threaded & perfected with Christian Powder45 Min£30.00
Bridal Trial & Day60 Min£80.00
Prom/Event/Evening60 Min£35.00
THREADING TimePrice      
Eyebrows 15 min£12.00
Lip or Chin 15 min£7.00
Combined Lip & Chin 15 min£12.00
Sides of Face 15 min£12.00
Full Face 30 min£25.00
LYCON PRECISION WAXINGTime Lycon strip Wax  Lycon Hot Wax   
Eyebrows15 MinN/A£15.00
Lip or Chin15 MinN/A£10.00
Combined Lip & Chin15 MinN/A£18.00
Sides of Face15 MinN/A£15.00
Full Face30 MinN/A£25.00
Underarm15 MinN/A£16.00
Bikini15 MinN/A£20.00
Californian15 MinN/A£28.00
Brazilian30 MinN/A£35.00
Hollywood30 MinN/A£39.00
Full Leg45 Min£27.00N/A
¾ Leg30 Min£23.00N/A
½ Leg30 Min£18.00N/A
Full Arm30 Min£20.00N/A
½ Arm15 Min£18.00N/A
TANNING – SIENNA XTime Price      
Full Body Spray Tan30 Min £25.00
(Develops in 8hrs)
Tonight’s The Night30 Min £28.00
(Develops in 4hrs)
GEL NAILS Time Price   
Jessica GELeration. A non-chip, instant drying gel polish, lasts up to 2 weeks
Colour/Clear Overlays (Hands or Feet)60 Min£33.50
French Polish Overlay (Hands or Feet)75 Min£36.00
Soak off & Re-apply (Hands or Feet)75 Min£40.00
Soak Off  (Including hand & nail care30 Min£15.00
Bio-Sculpture Gel. A non acrylic gel, strengthens, chip proof, lasts 3-4 weeks Time Price   
Colour/Clear Overlays (Hands or Feet)60 Min£39.00
French Polish Overlays (Hands or Feet)75 Min£40.00
Soak off & Re-apply (Hands or Feet)75 Min£45.00
Soak off ( including hand & nail care)15 Min£15.00
HANDS & FEET O.P.I (please bring flip flops for pedicure treatments) Time Price   
Classic Manicure45 Min£28.00
Luxury Manicure60 Min£34.50
Classic Pedicure60 Min£32.00
Luxury Pedicure90 Min£38.50
Manicure & Pedicure105 Min£57.00
Luxury Manicure & Pedicure135 Min£65.00
Manicure with Gel Nails 60 Min£41.00
Pedicure with Gel Nails 60 Min£43.00
Manicure & Pedicure with Gel Nails105 Min£82.00
File & Polish 30 Min £15.50
MASSAGE Time Price   
Swedish Full Body 60 Min £45.00
Neck, Back & Shoulder 30 Min £30.00
Mother To Be Foot & Leg Massage & Elemis Facial 75 Min £70.00
MEN’S GROOMINGTimePrice     
Eyebrows15 Min£12.00
Back (including shoulders)30 Min£25.00
Chest (including shoulders)45 Min£32.00
Urban Cleanse Facial60 Min£48.00
Skin IQ Anti-Aging75 Min£60.00
Full Body60 Min£45.00
Neck, Back & Shoulder30 Min£30.00
Total Time Out (Full Body massage & Elemis Facial)120 Min£115.00


Please note that our prices are changing on the 3rd May 2016

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